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You Can Buy a Slice of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Really Expensive Royal Wedding Cake

You Can Buy a Slice of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Really Expensive Royal Wedding Cake

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Warning: It costs about as much as a down payment on a new car

CC BY 2.0/wikimedia commons

You can have your royal cake and eat it too — though we don’t suggest ingesting it. A piece of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s $80,000 eight-tiered wedding fruitcake will be sold through Chiswick Auction House. According to Yahoo, on Sept. Another piece of the same cake sold for $10,000 in 2014.

Chef Fiona Carns told Yahoo that the desert took five weeks to complete. Middleton requested 900 intricate three-dimensional sugar-paste flowers of 17 different types — each with its own special meaning. The cake was the centerpiece of the royal wedding reception at Buckingham Palace in April 2011.

The six-year-old slice will be presented in a custom cream and gold commemorative tin — the same tin that was gifted to the couple’s wedding guests — with a card that reads, “With best wishes from TRH (Their Royal Highnesses) The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in celebration of the wedding of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

It might seem unappetizing, but there’s apparently a healthy aftermarket for stale slices of royal dessert — one Florida man recently told the Tampa Bay Times that a 36-year-old slice from Prince Charles’ wedding to Princess Diana is among the centerpieces of his $500,000 collection of royal memorabilia.

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