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A Latin-Inspired Grilling Menu

A Latin-Inspired Grilling Menu

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10 mouthwatering grilling recipes with a Latin twist

The right marinade can add a wonderful depth of flavor to meat dishes, like this Adobo-Marinated Skirt Steak.

With the end of grilling season approaching, it may seem like all the grilling possibilities have been exhausted. Well, not quite yet. Fire up that grill one more time, because we've gathered together some great, Latin-inspired grilling recipes that are definitely worth a try.

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Richard Sandoval, owner of numerous restaurants around the world that focus on modern Latin cuisine, offers up several noteworthy recipes, some of which are currently on the "Sea to Table" menu at Pampano, located in New York City. These menus focus on a different coastal region in Mexico each month; this month's focus is the southern Baja town of La Paz. Don't miss out on his Smoked Clams recipe — it's an easy-to-prepare and delicious appetizer, and a bona fide smoker isn't even necessary.

We rounded up some old favorites as well, but it's also worth pointing out that adding Latin flavors to your favorite grilled dishes can be as simple as whipping up a quick salsa while at the grill, or working in the right marinade the night before to infuse a little spicy, citrusy flavor and heat into your meats. Easy, simple, and flavorful — exactly the way grilling should be.

Will Budiaman is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @WillBudiaman.

Southern Sophistication: A Southwestern Menu from the Grill

If you've never tried grilling broccoli, you are definitely missing out: The vegetable becomes tender and deliciously charred slowly but surely.

The secret to creating a terrific crust on a well-marbled cut of beef: rubbing on a salty-sweet spice mix and letting the meat air dry before grilling.

Chef Alyssa Gorelick wraps grilled vegetables and tofu in tortillas with an eggplant-and-ancho-chile spread that gives the tacos a rich, smoky taste. The spread also works as a dip with pita chips.

This spread gets a triple hit of smoky flavor from grilled eggplant, ancho chiles, and smoked Spanish paprika. It's a wonderful treat served with Alyssa Gorelick's Tofu-and-Vegetable Tacos.

To pump up the smoky flavors in this dish, Alyssa Gorelick grills both the stuffed poblanos and the vegetables for the romesco sauce. Any extra sauce is terrific with roasted or grilled potatoes or on a veggie burger.

"Our first day of business was brutal," says Slows Bar BQ chef Brian Perrone. We quickly realized the smoker wasn't going to be big enough &mdash I was up all hours of the night just to keep up."

To mimic the flavor of Turkish red-pepper paste, Silvena Rowe uses a combination of red bell peppers and jalapeños.

Grilling kale gives it a toasty flavor the smartest way to prepare kale for grilling is blanching it so it becomes tender and doesn't burn.

A spicy, Southwest-inspired glaze of cumin, garlic, and jalapeño chiles coats these delectable ribs. A fruity salsa of sweet grilled pineapple and creamy avocado counteracts the heat and creates a beautifully balanced dish.

Garlic Halibut Steaks

Lauri Patterson / Getty Images

Halibut might just be the perfect fish for the grill​ and easily can become a personal favorite. It can be a bit of a splurge, but this recipe makes it worth the price. Lightly marinated in lemon juice, herbs, and of course, garlic, the flavor of this fish is fresh and delicious.


Burnt. Inedible. Should have read other reviews first.

Almost good. Cook times should be cut in half. 5 to 6 minutes per side on a 450 grill resulted in very charred bread. That's even without extra unwrapped cooking. The inside was great however. I would cook 2 to 3 min on a side at 450 and don't even bother cooking unwrapped.

Like everything in Cuba , (after castro) the cuban sandwich suffered a change the cuban sandwich was made as it's descibed in this recipe ,but forever lost the mortadella That still missing to this day

Delicious sandwich, EASY to make. I would make this again, everyone enjoyed them and asked for seconds.

The ¿Cubano¿ is probably one of my all time favorite sandwiches even though I¿m an old Irishman from NYC. The only thing I do differently is to not use butter butter, margarine, all that stuff¿ I hate it. And yes, even we who have cheffed professionally have our personal dislikes even though we cook with them every day. I found that coating the outside of the bread, definitely not the inside, with mayo, provides a more even, crisp and rich outer shell when pressed. I use this for all of my Panini¿s as well.

Oh, Lord, not the "this isn't an authentic. " review again. Particularly when the reviewer either didn't read or chose to ignore the link to the recipe for Cuban style pig. That aside, I made both the roasted pork for a party last Saturday and the sandwich yesterday with leftover Cuban pig and it was delicious, authentic or not. I only feel it proper to say I made the sandwich, not a Cubano because I used a George Foreman to grill it. Cuba, find it in your heart to forgive me because I made your national sandwich wrong.

I love Cuban sandwiches. My mother made these and I had no idea what they were called until I was much older. The ingredients varied from sandwich to sandwich month to month. Kroger's idea of French bread works here. There is a particular roast pork that is authentic, everything else is generic. If you have a Panini press or a plancha I recommend using them.

Made these last weekend. Making them again this weekend. What more can I say? They were delicious, and easy (I marinated and roasted a pork butt a couple days earlier, otherwise bought all the ingredients).

I made these sandwiches last night to accompany french onion soup. I used ciabatta bread since I couldn't find cuban. My deli also doesn't sell the required meats so I used ham off the bone and black forest ham. I thought these sandwiches were excellent.

Excellent recipe. I used bacon rather than ham and a very light French bread since Cuban wasn't available. Yum! I'm on a ski trip and this along with some roasted veggies was the perfect use of some leftover pork tenderloin.

This sandwich is great. And grilling it vs a panini makes a big difference in my opinion. I agree with a previous review stating the criticism in by a previous reviewer was unwarranted. Especially when not clearly defining what "Cuban" pork is. Because all the Cubans I know vary their recipes for their pork and it is VERY similar to Puerto Rican pork. There is nothing that distinguishing about the Cuban pork except the need for oregano, which is common in lots of Cuban and PR dishes. The only problem I had was finding Cuban bread. While I do agree Cuban bread is a defining ingredient, (highlighted at the bottom of the recipe in the notes btw), it does not mean you cannot make a very good Cuban sandwich without it. And there is an ongoing war between the Cuban communities in Miami and Tampa, so who really has a 'right' to say this is not authentic. I have heard arguments over the type of pickles, with or w/o mustard and ham and or salami. The critic, mind you, NOT Cuban, should have SHARED their so called preferences rather than just criticize. It is all a matter of opinion bc their is no agreed upon consensus even within the Cuban community.

Just made this and it was both fantastic and utterly satisfying. I made this with leftovers from the grilled pork (Lechon Asado) given by the author. I am slightly irritated by A Cook from NYC for not only rating a recipe they didn't bother cooking but especially for not reading the stated recipe at all! If you followed the links called "Grilled Pork" youɽ see that the chef does call for Cuban style pork. Silly silly. Once again egos get in the way of helpful reviews. And getting prissy about pickle preference? That's just funny.

This will make a tasty pork sandwich but it's still not a true Cuban which is unfortunate, especially when the author's intro states that despite becoming a popular sandwich in the U.S., it's rarely prepared incorrectly - well it continues. I studied Cuban cooking from Cuban chefs whose mission is to teach authentic dishes and after living in FL for many years, their dishes did indeed match those of the Cuban communities there, that also wanted their native dishes prepared correctly. One big difference is the use of Cuban pork, not just any leftover roasted pork - HUGE difference. The bread & pickles used are also important but I won't give those secrets away. I'm sure this recipe will be quite tasty just the same, it's just not a true Cuban sandwich, at least to the Cuban communities I've had the pleasure getting to know but is similar to a basic Ybor Cuban sandwich which generally caters to tourists and adds several ridiculous toppings and cuts corners by using any pork, any cheese, any ham, etc., which is too bad - a real Cuban sandwich is truly unforgettable & habit-forming.

My little Cuban mom uses sweet cured ham. And get a sandwich press (flat) and butter the outside before pressing. Not a panini press, its a Cuban not Italian.

Wouldn't a panini press be a faster way to grill this sandwich as opposed to using a "brick". turning & grilling and grilling again after removing it from the foil.

Host a Latin-inspired Grilling Party with This Menu from The Global Chef

As spring arrives, personal chef Orlando Castro, aka The Global Chef, recommends bringing out the grill and trying some new techniques. He shares a sample menu for a Latin-inspired grilling party.

Parrillada Grill Party

  • Pico de gallo and guacamole with tortilla chips
  • Potato salad with mayonnaise
  • Shrimp and fish ceviche tostada
  • Jerk chicken (Castro smokes his with pimento wood from Jamaica)
  • Grilled chimichurri ribeye
  • Caribbean rice and beans
  • Grilled pineapple

“I have many different techniques for grilling, such as the rodizio from Brazil, the American way and the Latin American way, which is very different,” Castro says. “In the spring, everyone is taking out their grills, and this is one of the special things I do in the warmer months for a barbecue party.”

This category includes both main and side salads with vibrant flavors and healthy ingredients.

A Little About Me

Hola from the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas! I'm Tamara, the recipe developer, cocktail mixologist, photographer, and writer behind Beyond Mere Sustenance. Read more→

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  • 1/4 cup (60ml) mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) sour cream or Mexican crema
  • 1/2 cup (110g) finely crumbled Cotija or feta cheese, plus more for serving
  • 1/2 teaspoon ancho or guajillo chili powder, plus more for serving
  • 1 medium clove garlic, finely minced (about 1 teaspoon)
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro leaves and tender stems
  • 4 ears shucked corn
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges

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