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Mini almond fondant (Easter special edition)

Mini almond fondant (Easter special edition)

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I mixed the egg whites with a pinch of salt and then gradually added the sugar and mixed until the sugar melted.

I added water, oil and yolks and mixed well.

Separately I mixed the flour with the baking powder and cocoa and I incorporated them as well, mixing them lightly from top to bottom with a spatula.

I lined a tray (35/25) with baking paper and baked the top in the preheated oven for 35 minutes or until the toothpick test passes.

I cut the cooled countertop in 2 horizontally.


I beat the eggs with the sugar, I added the starch and the milk and I put the mixture on low heat, stirring constantly until it thickened.

I mixed the butter butter at room temperature then I gradually added the cold cream and cocoa and I mixed well. At the end I added the rum.


I boiled water with sugar and cappuccino powder for about 5 minutes.


A few hours before starting the fondant I put a bowl in the freezer / freezer.

In a larger pot I put water, then I poured the sugar in the middle and I put it on the fire, always taking care that the sugar does not touch the walls of the pot.

The syrup is ready when you take a drop of syrup, put it in a glass of cold water and it turns into a ball and does not dissolve on the bottom of the glass.

At this point I added honey then took the syrup from the heat and transferred it to the bowl in the refrigerator.

I mixed at high speed until it hardened and turned white.

In order to "work" with it, I put it on the steam bath, then I added the cocoa and mixed it well until it became liquid. (If there is not enough liquid, add 2-3 tablespoons of water)


On a plate / tray I put the first countertop, I syruped it with 1/2 of the syrup, I added the cream, the 2nd countertop that I syruped beforehand and I gave the cake to cool until the cream hardened perfectly.

I cut the edges of the cake nicely and then portioned it into pieces of about 4 cm.

I put fondant on each cake and then decorated with white chocolate, silver candies and Raffaello candies.

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Cristina Andrei, November 9, 2015

It was a beating when they brought ,, Branches. Indiana that is not found in what exists today. Cico drink and the incomparable ,, Oranjada ,, candies ,, Puisor ,, cake ,, Horseshoe ,,. Mace ,, Carpathians ,, and let's not forget the Glucose tablets. aerated and flavored with orange and lemon.

Maya Natural Cosmetics, June 2, 2015

I really liked those milk candies rolled in cocoa, Topi Top candies and Kiss chocolates. Mmmmm. what goodies! :)

Diana Ardeleanu, March 23, 2015

I and Someone else remembers glucose.

Paula-Maria Chiriţă, December 20, 2014

Does anyone know if the tree candies with fondant from Kraft Foods are still made, the ones in the blue box with Santa Claus? :)

Alexandra Comsa, December 14, 2013

First of all, I want to tell you that what you do is very interesting and important. Besides the fact that you create nostalgia for those who are thinking about childhood, at some point you could expand this project and renew the recipe book of housewives with the bringing of old networks from the mists of time. That way they wouldn't be lost and maybe even get used to by some families or even confectioners. When I was a child I really liked Pitic chocolate, Little Red Riding Hood and the Ambassador. Also, some assortments from Kandia Timisoara and Cibo Brasov. It seems to me that one was called Kandia. I still remember a chocolate whose name I can't remember, but which had a white package with a yellow flower on it. Among the cakes, I liked Tosca, Excelentul, Indiana, but especially Dobosul. For a time there were Moscow cakes, or Viuoleta, which were covered with marzipan and were very tasty when fresh. Indeed, the whipped cream as it was called, that is, the one sold per kg, was wonderful. Among the juices, I liked Cico, Brifcor and I really appreciated the soda syrups, which in Bucharest were sold at certain kiosks. Among the candies, I liked the Romanian chocolate ones, but also the Chinese pennies, wrapped in polish, or the Topi-top candies, or Cip. The jellies were so tasty that I could hardly stop eating. The shit was also of good quality, as was the sherbet or other preparations from the Turks. At that time, Romanian chocolate was very good. I don't know how it is that after 1989 no factory in Romania knew how to produce it, except with a foreign license. At Easter there were extraordinary chocolate figurines. You were amazed only when you saw them. Some of them were very large, I think about 20 cm high, maybe even bigger. Among the homemade cakes, I really like bird's milk, burnt sugar cream, pandispan, cozonacs and cakes made without economy, with ingredients like walnuts, poppies, etc. The eugenics in the trade were very good and I often went with them to school.

luminita, October 21, 2013

I really liked the mascots and the wafers and the panties and.

I remember Cico, a kind of ulama acid drink with a micros of oranges, a cake called Violeta. what times!

Does anyone remember the halvita or braga? God, I would turn back time. or sarlota. Ehh times past.

I remember my favorite cookies even as a student, in the '80s called "POIENI". There were 3 pieces in a silver package, they were very crispy and wrapped in chocolate. The simple cocoa biscuits were very good. They were still found, a period after the Revolution. But I haven't found it in a long time. I remember Anca and Duo chocolate. Sure, the Neapolitan wafers. At home I made salt in the press, with cumin and homemade chocolate, especially since I couldn't find any kind of chocolate. Of course we can't wait for the plums to make dumplings (plum dumplings). How good they were, especially when we went to farming and ate with colleagues. Everyone brought something, and in the autumn it was clear that we were competing in zacusca and gomboti. At Christmas there were a lot of jokes, as well as bringing everyone to work, where there was a kind of competition. Whose is better. Dobos cake was a specialty, homemade cream, croissants and cookies with jam. The most special was the Sarah Bernard cake. At the confectionery we prefer strawberry mousse, in summer. And at the pie in the city were the oysters with very good apples and cheesecakes, which we sat in line on Sunday so we could take. They were much tastier, more natural and you enjoyed them especially because you didn't have them every day.

Howdy! I would have thought that I would be the one to remind you of the Bem-bem drink, but I saw that it was mentioned, it was amazing, then does anyone remember some apple cakes we took from the bread district to be that puff pastry called Fantasy? Then I remember with pleasure those candies the doll of the candies Vinga of the Neapolitan wafers but there was something else that I never heard anyone remember. I am from Constanta and when I was a child there were some chocolate bars wrapped in cellophane and they had a whole vanilla stick glued on one side, they were bestial.

melina (Chef de cuisine), December 15, 2011

Hi and good I found you, this forum made me very happy. I remember the Super wafers with cocoa, there were 2 rectangular pieces in a red polish, you know them? My mother gave us as dessert, we were 4 children , and I kept them long after the other brothers ate them, so that they wouldn't make me feel like it. I remember how my father bought me a wafer with chocolate Doina, as if it was 2 lei, yellow and blue with a Spanish dancer, if I remember correctly. In the fifth grade I had my first time at school with a friend and how happy I was on the bench in the park, eating biscuits for children. I can't find those tastes anymore.

Stefan (Chef), January 14, 2011

I lustfully remember the INDIAN cake something unheard of, or FOAMY with raspberry mousse, school donuts made by classmates at home, warm and fresh. I still remember some strawberry-sized chocolates filled with a sour white cream, wrapped in fine foil and several in a box. Who knows what they were called?

I remember the Kiss chocolate that later became "Kiss" and then disappeared. I searched the internet and found information that it is still produced in Greece.

constanta proca (Chef de cuisine), May 20, 2010

Being alone with my parents, my mother doesn't prepare me!

dicarmencitta1957 (Chef de cuisine), March 20, 2010

I remember with pleasure the cakes my grandmother made: snow-white and some biscuits that were good after a few days, I think she put ammonia in them. I remember with pleasure that I went to the confectionery on the street corner and took almonds and savarine, they were a delight. God, the years have passed.

Simonel (Chef de cuisine), November 4, 2009

I promised to come back and here I am! The only thing that came to mind is the spiral wafer, I don't remember her name but it was spiral shaped and had pink cream!

aurelia, October 26, 2009

Oh! "Bucharest" cake, "Violeta" cake (which resembles "frog"), "Amandina" cake, "Vinga" milk candies, "Pestisori" candies, "Pretzel" candies "Maintain" candies, how many memories, how many I would like to taste them again!

constanta proca (Chef de cuisine), June 21, 2009

I remember with pleasure the sweets of my childhood: pandispan, cake, bird's milk, donuts with jam, "snow-white" cake, plum magiun, biscuit salami, sherbet with different flavors, lies, cherries balls, etc. .

scootsie (Chef de cuisine), June 16, 2009

Where are you childhood. Fondants, bird's milk, scovergi and donuts and more and more mother's goodies!

vera (Chef de cuisine), May 26, 2009

Almonds, pies, chocolate with rum and others. How many things do I miss: ((((

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), April 30, 2009

In my memories remained the cake ,, bucharest ,, ,, water lily ,, and something with the shape of a frog and the taste of the cake bucharest

serban aurora daniela (Chef de cuisine), April 16, 2009

Puisor chocolate is the first memory of my life: my father (God rest him!) took me in his arms to the dormitory, I was about 2-3 years old, and, so as not to cry, he gave me a Puisor chocolate that I I remember perfectly. It was wonderful! Too bad a lot went. and many.

Elena (Chef), April 1, 2009

My childhood was full of all kinds of cakes and pies. My mother was and is a recognized master of cakes, and every weekend she made us "something good". But I also remember with pleasure the Neapolitan "Margareta", and the "scoverzile" of my grandmother (a kind of donut made of bread dough).

Cely Snijec (Chef), April 1, 2009

I found fasting SPIRALS on the market, with the taste I know from childhood. Hi, strawberry flavored cream.

valentina ionita (Chef de cuisine), April 1, 2009

I am 41 years old and I grew up with eugenics, ovidiu cream biscuits, venus biscuits, savarines, Viennese eclairs, dawns, all kinds of ice cream. I remember that a savarina costs 1.50 lei. The pies were in great demand at home. cheesecakes, apple cake, burnt sugar cream, biscuit cake, marmalade cakes, cakes and of course cakes. They were all delicious. It was as if the sweets of that time had a different flavor.

Oanaeste (Chef de cuisine), March 30, 2009

I remember "Bird's Milk", "Burnt Sugar Cream" and "Knele" (plum dumplings) that our mother used to make for us when we were children. At the confectionery I liked savarins, which were full of syrup and jam and "scrapped" ice cream from Brasov.

Simonel (Chef), March 29, 2009

I remember the ice cream cake, the peach nectar, the BRIEFCOR orange juice if anyone remembers, the little red chocolate, the nuts that my mother baked in a special tray and filled them with cocoa cream (and now I long for them ), that's about all I remember now, but I promise I'll be back.

Maricor (Chef), March 26, 2009

Being from Cluj, I remember with great pleasure the "Spumoasa" cake, the real "Dobos" with burnt sugar on top, the small and green "Frogs", the unmistakable "Isler" which unfortunately I can't find anywhere today In fact, if I think about it, I don't find many of my childhood cakes in confectioneries, not even in Cluj. The diversification trend of the last decade was too great so that the taste was lost, only the appearance remains. preferred the external appearance to the detriment of the taste. You almost don't feel any difference between cakes. Sin.

I remember the chocolate with rum, which is still there. For those tender and warm pastries, for the donuts made by my mother, croissants and dumplings with plums. And I am a great lover of the culinary art. I see any new recipe, if I like it and I do it.

Niko Stan (Chef), March 25, 2009

..I remember an excellent vanilla ice cream. I can't remember her name, I only know that it was rectangular and wrapped like butter now ... and there was another good apple cake that was sold at the bread shop :)))

Andreea Constantina Manciu (Chef), March 23, 2009

I remembered Cip and mentosane. How good they were. offfff what times

Andreea Constantina Manciu (Chef), March 23, 2009

I remember the wafers with cherries, they were delicious and a kind of wafer that had a pink content inside, I don't know what it's called. Let's not forget the Cuban candies and the candies made by the Kent company. would find more.

There were some small chocolates called Puisor. Good ones were also cheap. 50 pieces of money (2 per lion)

Dorina (Chef), March 18, 2009

Profiterol. In the 80's there was a small confectionery on Calea Victoriei (we called it the theater confectionery). We stood in line to catch a free "table". Yes, there were only a few small meals but the profiterole was great.

I remember with pleasure the hole donuts and apple strudels that were sold at the bread center, I'm just talking about the "purple" cake that was sensational, but also the glazed peanuts brought from China on the eve of the Easter and winter holidays with a wonderful taste. and the list can go on, but. already salivate!

If we talk about sweets from childhood, I remember the Amandina confectionery in Iasi where we ate a "crantz" cake that was very tasty and the meringues that my mother made and put pieces of walnut inside. Or the donuts fried in hot oil that we eat when we leave high school with our friends. There is still a lot to tell.

My grandmother, God forgive her, made an excellent pie, "stretched pie," spread the dough thin, thin. made of very good quality flour, like a tablecloth, and filled with cow's cheese with raisins, apples, walnuts, etc. It was baked in the oven in the yard, it was incredibly good, we ate it hot, just taken it out of the oven, we broke it, it couldn't even be cut hot. It was the best pie.

Cely Snijec (Chef), March 13, 2009

I remember the candy in the shape of a doll. Or almonds, cocoa powder

Cely Snijec (Chef), March 12, 2009

Let's not forget the wonderful "alvita" or "nougat". I was and still am a great lover of sweets! You can't find that taste

And as a drink, braga, which I found at one of the few private ones in Ploiesti, it was excellent cold, in summer.

One of the desserts that were given when you visited was the sherbet with cold water or rose jam or green walnuts, peeled plums stuffed with walnut kernels and bitter cherry jam.

Cely Snijec (Chef), March 11, 2009

Verrrde those slices of bread passed through the egg, toasted, were the FRIGANES - waw how good they were, especially if Grandma made them

Cely Snijec (Chef), March 11, 2009

Amandina cake was the confectionery dessert that we enjoyed with pleasure. The taste remains just a memory.

Cely Snijec (Chef), March 11, 2009

The homemade chocolate in two colors was the delight of my childhood, the cream and the eclair with vanilla cream and zeamil (which was very hard to find) were the joy of the weekend when my mother pampered us and made us happy.

I remember the caramel cake, baked apples stuffed with rice boiled in rice with raisins and cinnamon, breaded semolina powdered with cinnamon and lies.

I remember with nostalgia those parfe (parfait in French), an ice cream made in layers, packaged like a packet of 250g butter and aromas of phytic, cocoa with hazelnuts. I ate the best perfumes in Brasov at the Cassata confectionery.

I remember with pleasure the macaroni pudding with cheese that my mother made. I liked to eat it hot, eh, they are very pleasant memories, now we try to give these memories to our children, who I hope that in years to come they will remember as well.

Silvia, I also remember with nostalgia the vanillas with vanilla cream, I have never found that taste since then, sometimes I wonder if they really existed.

I remember with pleasure the wheat vanilla buns. I have never met that taste, probably because of the years that have passed.

Many were my favorite sweets, but most of all I liked the grape mousse and the apple cake. Among the sweets on the market, I prefer rum chocolate and eugenics. , as well as raspberries. I spent my childhood with my grandparents, in Moldova and Harghita. The memories are more beautiful and pleasant. The sweets are limited to leavened doughs, filled with jam, cheeses and fruits, especially apples.

andronescu valentina (Chef de cuisine), March 10, 2009

I remember as a child the candy sugar, fruit drops, and the sweet cheese cake made by my grandmother. It was a delicacy. And I really liked quince jam and pelt.

I remember with pleasure the vanilla sarlota, the color of the pistachio, packed in some plastic glasses. I searched for the recipe, but I couldn't find it.

Gabriela Brandiburu, March 10, 2009

When I was little, I liked to eat Pitic chocolate and muffins from the bread shop the most. There were some boxes of candies and chocolates from Kandia. The appearance of the box was very beautiful. I remember it was a yellow box tied with a gold cord. The contents of the box were delicious! To drink there were: raspberry syrup, Cico and later Bem-Bem with lecithin.

samoila tudorel (Chef de cuisine), March 10, 2009

Many to which many friends did not have access. sin!

Hedgehog cake, which was more like walnut-covered cookies covered with chopped walnuts.

Cristina Popescu (Chef), March 8, 2009

What do you say about the "DANUTZ" wafers? and for juices ..does anyone remember the "BEM-BEM" drink? ..a note nectar 10

When I was little it was icing sugar, it had the shape of a piece of ice, but it was sweet, or candy in plastic bunnies, but let's not forget before the winter holidays I didn't know how to find a new cake recipe, fear not to spoil the creams, we compete how many types of cakes we make, off what times, now to take people to the store, buy a few boxes of cakes and you're done.

Eeeeeeeee, who else remembers the candle sugar put on the string and that looked like an ice cube (even, do something like that somewhere), or that hard bowl, which when you bit into it you had the impression that you he pulled his front teeth out, and after soaking in his mouth it was a real pleasure. Or do you remember the cassava? .Somehow you remember the "Karola" carrot soft drink, which was in a tin box and the blue label at the price of 4 lei, but Qick Cola? Does anyone remember the Chinese chocolate?

How can you not remember halvita? Is something like this happening again? (it is bought by the kg, it appears in stores before the Easter fast begins) Cakes schnit, violet, 12 o'clock, cico (it was much better than Fanta. I also bought it after the revolution). We spent our childhood with Spirals, super good and fragrant Cuban candies, and when we received an ION chewing gum we were very happy. I haven't even found an authentic Dobrogean pie for the same quality to buy. At home we prepare homemade chocolate, Turkish halva scented with a lot of cinnamon, soaked. On every street corner you could find syrup prepared ad-hoc with soda and natural syrup from various fruits (it was a real pleasure to sit and watch how it was prepared), served in a glass that was washed before being filled - not to mention disposable glasses. We now place great emphasis on "healthy eating." Then all the products had a different taste, although they were prepared with real milk, with butter, the pastries were made with lard, and I grew up big and healthy. Someone mentioned Polar ice cream. How good a Polar ice cream with mint and chocolate would be now!

irina-demetra piukovici, March 7, 2009

During my childhood (approximately in the 60's) in Cluj another time, I ate chestnut puree with chocolate icing when I went out to school and when it was not the chestnut season I was satisfied with a small chocolate truffle I remember of Vinga candies, they were very good and especially all the products from the former Kandia-Timisoara. And the greatest was the Polar ice cream on the stick (I don't mean Kandia but the sweets of my childhood). from next week, slowly, slowly, I will give you the recipes, as I have them, from the inherited notebook.

I have 2 favorite sweets: Glucose / Fruit Shit The shit now is not as good as the one from 198.

It turns out I'm the weird generation! I am 67 years old and I didn't know as a child what chocolate and oranges look like. it was after the war and SWEETS on Sundays it was something wonderful: corn boiled in unrefined sugar a little black! The whole family gathered and the grandmother put a big pot on the fire and started to smell in the house of PARADISE! I still feel the aroma in my nostrils! I'm not saying they eat hot. that if you were not in a hurry you would be left without! I guess it was BIO and ECO!

Vinga candies were made in Vinga commune, Timis county, by a Bulgarian, according to a recipe that was lost with his death. They were very good. I remember my childhood.

Danut wafers, Carmen wafers, fish and sugar beads, Mocca chocolate (orange packaging with a black head and coffee beans), Bucharest chocolate with milk and peanuts, Ora 12 cake, offers, Marshal cake, mascots, almonds and cakes house: Greta Garbo, cream, mille feuilles, cake, cakes, rice pudding, Sireni cake. What times. childhood, the most beautiful season.

Olimpia adriana Simonia (Master Chef), March 7, 2009

What a wonderful world, that of childhood, when my grandmother brought me the best sweets, which were great and had really eugenic cream, spiral wafers with various creams, which were sold by the kg, jam by the kg, Bucegi chocolate, fondant candies and much more. They were very good. You made me happy to address this topic!

mariana (Master Chef), March 7, 2009

I long for the cake my mother made from sheets of ammonia, vanilla cream and sherbet, it was the best homemade cake.

mariana (Master Chef), March 7, 2009

There were also candies filled with honey and Puisor chocolate.

Cakes: diplomat, amandine, mascot, savarina, oana-with whipped cream, choux-a la creme, caffe frappe, profiterol, glasse cake- at the ambassador :), cico, lemon, brifcor, vinifruct- a very weak alcoholic fruit sparkling wine . doina ice cream with chocolate icing, waffles, pistachios in a plastic glass with a teaspoon that kept breaking. Cuban candies with different flavors, small Chinese chocolate in size, just as Chinese gum wrapped in a sheet that dissolves. and at home: pancakes, apple pie, cheese, pumpkin. burnt sugar cream, donuts, scovergi, rice with milk and semolina with milk: P.

But who still remembers the milk chocolate candies filled with liqueur, in the shape of bottles and which had sugar inside. I don't know what they were called or where they were produced, but I will definitely not forget them. And that hard bowl, it stuck to your teeth, filled with raisins, hazelnuts or candied beets. I ate something like this in Bucharest. What can I say? Maybe Sugar candle or Glucose from that soft one of which I had 20 in the pantry and we eat until it stings my throat, (I bought recently and it's hard for you to break your teeth, but I don't say who does it) Bem-Bem who recently I found out that it was made of sea buckthorn and it would still be produced somewhere, but only for the bellies of strangers, because that's how we are, generous. I wish you all to enjoy "sweet memories" !!

My mother always buys, when she gets her salary, 1 kg of spirit biscuits in which she puts a bag with 50 gr. of coffee for her and a wafer "Danut" the biscuits and the wafer were for me and God what flavor those biscuits had. the aroma of childhood, the aroma of carefree years gone by.

Who still remembers the cake with cocoa cream "12 o'clock" or small chocolate with rum? Then came the turn of the wonderful savarines, the eclairs and much more!

I really liked them as a child: Aurora soft drinks (with different flavors). chip, Raducu biscuits, Polar ice cream, almonds, fondant candies. :) Yamyyyy.

If I'm not mistaken about the name, for drinking I love tonic water like lemonade "Aurora", braga and really natural nectar in half-liter bottles. And sweet. pre-packaged, small and fluffy "inelus" donuts, rolled in powdered sugar that were sold in a paper bag or cone, eclairs with vanilla cream and sugar icing, which I last found in one place in Constanta , Dobrogea salted cheese pie, as well as the "potatoes" that you still find, quite rarely but with a totally different taste! Then those milk drops rolled in cocoa, caramels in which you broke your teeth but good hard, chewing gum cigarettes (the packaging looks exactly like a filter cigarette), marmalade sold by the kilogram or those small, square chocolates with rum. Mmmmm, what goodies! And there was something considered "sweet" that many of us eagerly ate, bought from. drugs: glucose tablets, which are now also found in supermarkets but have nothing to do with glucose from another time! :-)

An article with sweet childhood flavors. The subject is so tempting that I created my own account. I will list some of the goodies whose memory brings water to my mouth even now: candel sugar (or ice), glucose (hard as a stone), multicolored puffins, CIP candies (in boxes with a small slit where they fell directly into the mouth , the Neapolitan Danut and Lucia, the chocolates and last but not least the very rare liqueur candies (in boxes covered in national costume canvas). he knew how and from where) for which I spent hours in a row in Costinesti in a row in front of the Forum (before 90). raise your hand to those who have never in their lives dug their fingers into the cake to extract raisins, shit and ground walnut cream. like all I learned the others from you) I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm sorry you're extraordinary!

The friganele were called slices of bread given through egg and fried. excellent!

Glucose (the one I now say tasted like soap), for which our parents sat in the well-known tails of the 80s, spirals with hazelnut cream, Turbo gum and balloon, puffs and puffs drawn in chocolate. It's like I miss them.

The best were the Vinga Candies, if anyone remembers. I think they were made by Kandia Timisoara. And of course the famous Eugenia.

Chocolate Kiss , Polar ice cream, Turbo gum.

There were those naplitans with pink packaging "CODRUT"!

Donescu Adrian, March 6, 2009

But who still remembers the chocolate bars that I still tan after. those rectangular concrete. delicious, we ate 2-3 and I was looking for another 2 -3 :)))). what times. and that cico on the Romanian coast.

There was also brifcor, teak juice :))). Hooded chocolate, homemade Carpathian cakes, HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE - after which I still melt :). Cheesecake, apple pie, pumpkin. Slices of bread fried in oil (after they were given by beaten egg. I don't know what they were called anymore.).

Chocolates from KANDIA My Toys, Little Red Riding Hood, Cico and Lamanite Juice


Culurgiones or culingionis are typical Sardinian stuffed pasta, the outer pasta closes the filling with a kind of typical "stitch" obtained by pinching the pasta from place to place with a "drawing" that seems to be a spike of wheat or the back of a fish. The size of a culurgione can be from 4 to 10 cm long and from 3 to 5 cm wide.

the filling can be made of potatoes or spinach and urda (sheep must) or beetroot (beet leaves).

the sheet in most recipes is presented as flour and water (+ a little oil and salt) .. but others say that flour and egg are made (+ salt) .. but I tend to believe that poor pasta only flour and water is the traditional because the Sardinian cuisine is quite poor.

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  7. Homemade cakes for festive meals, recipes tested and explained in pictures. I chose 40 homemade cake recipes, delicious, good-looking and that can be prepared without difficulty. Delight your loved ones with homemade cakes! Give joy! Amandine. Snow White Cake. Cake with leaves and sugar cream would

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In the picture below you can see San Marzano tomatoes: long, firm, fleshy. La acest sos pentru paste la borcan se pot folosi și roșii conservate în suc propriu (sau apă) - vezi aici. La fel de bune sunt și conservele de casă cu roșii întregi în bulion - vezi aici. Fiind totuși vară cred că e mai bine să faceți sosul din roșii proaspete și să păstrați conservele pentru. Orice desert for masa de Pasti trebuie sa fie in primul rand o pasca cu branza - gasiti mai jos pasca traditionala cu branza si aluat de cozonac, pasca cu branza fara aluat, pasca cu ciocolata. Va asigur ca aceste retete de pasca vor bate orice retete de prajituri for Pasti, desi voi da sugestii si din acestea, in primul rand prajituri cu. Probabil ca ai inceput deja sa iti gandesti meniul pentru masa de Paste, iar cum dulciurile sunt un fel important la orice festin, te invitam sa incerci urmatoarele prajituri de Paste care se topesc in gura!. 1. Easter with cheese. Desigur ca primul preparat din lista noastra de prajituri pentru Paste este cel care nu trebuie sa lipseasca de pe masa nimanui cu ocazia acestei sarbatori Prajituri de casa. Ingrediente Tort diplomat cu fructe confiate. Pentru ca ne plac mult torturile cu fructe o sa va prezint o reteta de tort diplomat. Sunt necesare urmatoarele ingrediente: - 1 cana de zahar - 1/2 cana de lapte - 4 galbenusuri - 1/2 kg frisca - semintele de la o pastaie de vanilie (sau esenta, plic de zahar vanilat

Easter Recipes - Recipe Book

Cozonac, pasca, torturi, prajituri, mini prajituri, pachete cadou si multe alte produse personalizate pentru Paste, toate asteapta sa fie comanda online sau in cofetariile noastre din Bucuresti si sa ajunga pe mesele voastre pregatite pentru sarbatoare Etalare zilnica RUNE mistice VINERI 18 SEPTEMBRIE 2020. Mesaje din magia supranaturalului CALAUZIRE ZILNICA Arhanghelul Mihail pe ZODII: VINERI 18 SEPTEMBRIE 2020. Mesajul si rugaciunea zilei! Horoscop zilnic DRAGOSTE pentru azi, VINERI 18 SEPTEMBRIE 2020. Ma iubeste, nu ma iubeste?! Horoscop SAPTAMANAL 14-20 SEPTEMBRIE 2020 De multe ori o fac cu smantana si mamaliga sau o transform intr-o pasta pentru sandwichurile pentru scoala, dar se regaseste si in papanasi sau clatite cu branza la cuptor. Inainte budinca asta de paste era ceva mai simpla, dar daca adaugati lamaie, vanilie si stafide o faceti de neuitat Prajitura Noaptea de Paste este o adaptare dupa reteta prajiturii Regina Maria, o prajitura ce merita sa o puneti pe lista voastra cu retete de prajituri pentru Pasti. Ingrediente Pentru. Prăjituri deosebite de sărbători: Fantezie cu vișine din compot. Este o prăjitură de casă deosebită cu care îți poți răsfăța invitații de Paște.Foarte aspectuoasă, și absolut delicioasă, prăjitura fantezie cu vișine este simplu de preparat și cu siguranță va fi un desert pe placul tuturor

Easter Cake Recipes - Cheerful Chefs

  1. ute, pana prajitura este frumos rumenita. Prajitura calda se taie in patrate (sau romburi) si se insiropeaza cu siropul rece
  2. . Aroma caiselor combinata cu un blat pufos si un top de bezea obtinut din albusuri si fulgi de. Retete de prajituri pentru sarbatori - CRACIUN, PASTE sau ocazii speciale cu care sa iti. Rețete de prăjituri de Crăciun - dulciurile care nu trebuie să lipsească
  3. une cu bucatelele parfumate de peirsica. Fructele pentru prajitura (caise, visine, zmeura etc) trebuie sa fie foarte bine copate si.
  4. ute!. Si pentru ca doar cozonacul sau pasca nu sunt suficiente sa ne satisfaca pofta de dulce in zilele de dupa Inviere, iata si 10 retete de prajituri simple si rapide, pe care le poti aseza pe masa de Paste

Oferta de Paste . Fac prajituri de casa (dupa retete traditionale din ingrediente naturale ) de Pasti la comanda (pentru sarbatorile pascale din data de 08.04.2018 ). Prajiturile vor fi vandute la kilogram , asortate la alegerea noastra ( 50 lei kilogramul) , sau la alegerea dumneavoastra (54 lei kg ) , per platou /kg din urmatoarele sortimente: 1.Iulia-prajitura cu blat subtire cu nuca. Cele mai simple retete de prajituri rapide, fara etape peste etape, fara operatiuni complicate, pe care le poate face oricine. Si sunt gata (fie de bagat la cuptor, fie la frigider, dupa caz) in maxim 10 minute. Alege-ti reteta preferata: 10 retete de prajituri rapide si simple, gata in 10 minute Lamaita glazurat 27 aprilie 2020. Cake Toppers/ Topper Tort - ideale pentru decorarea torturilor Putem realiza, pe baza de comanda ferma, diverse modele de Cake Continuă lectura → Program 1 Mai 2020 - ZI LIBERA. 27 aprilie 2020. Ziua de Vineri, 1 Mai 2020 este zi libera (nelucratoare). Coletele care pleaca de la noi Joi, 30.04.2020, vor ajunge

Whether it's Christmas, Easter or a simple Sunday, the homemade cake is indispensable on our table. Aveti aici o varietate de retete de prajituri de casa, de la prajiturile copilariei noastre - reteta de prajitura Albinita, reteta de prajitura Alba ca Zapada, reteta de Cremsnit, reteta de Isler, eclere si pana la o colectie de retete de Brownies 1 articol publicat de Briose - Torturi - Prajituri pe April 10, 2020. Briose - Torturi - Prajituri

Ustensile si accesorii pentru briose, torturi, prajituri (decupatoare, stantatoare, sucitoare, hartii briose, forme din silicon termorezistent, cartoane torturi/ prajituri, decoratiuni personalizate, printari comestibile, etc. 4 sept. 2020 Paste cu galbiori si smantana Senzationale aceste paste cu galbiori si smantana, cred ca as putea manca zilnic asa ceva, si credeti-ma, nu exagerez deloc cand spun asta! Negresa este una dintre cele mai populare prajituri de casa si pentru ca se face extraordinar de usor dar si fiindca este absolut RETETELE COPILARIEI Prajituri Potcoave de cofetarie reteta prajitura potcoava cu ciocolata cafea migdale rulada pufoasa creema de ciocolata crema cafea . Dacă doriţi să împărtăşiţi reţeta pe reţelele sociale sau e-mail, trimiteţi linkul sau folosiţi cu încredere butoanele de share pentru FB, Twitter si Pinterest Dar pentru un plus de noutate, o poți transforma într-o masă picantă, absolut delicioasă. Salată de paste cu ton și porumb Adauga la favorite Pastele cu ton și porumb se fac foarte rapid și sunt perfecte pentru o cină rapidă de vară

De ce o cofetarie online este un subiect important acum? Pentru ca in aceasta perioada in care au loc evenimente pe care putini ar fi putut sa si le imagineze reale este important sa se tina cont de sarbatori si de ceea ce ii face fericiti pe oamen Una dintre retetele preferate de paste este cea cu pesto de busuioc, ton si samburi de pin. Este atat de gustoasa aceasta combinatie, neaparat trebuie sa o incercati si voi. Pesto de busuioc (pesto genovese) este un sos italian, in special folosit pentru paste, gnocchi, bruschette, dar si pentru preparate pe baza de carne sau peste. 3 deserturi de Paste pentru copii Autor: / Publicat: 2018-04-06 00:00:00 / Modificat: 2018-04-06 00:00:0 Top 15 retete de prajituri festive pentru sarbatori. There are no holidays, or rather the holiday menu without including some festive cakes. As the number of cake recipes on the blog continues to grow and browsing lasts I thought I would come to your aid with a small collection of recipes festive cakes .. So I put together 15 recipes for festive cakes from the blog.

. Cele mai bune Alcazare, cu ingrediente naturale. Delicioasele Alcazare reteta din copilarie. Alcazale, Saraberne, tobite, butoiase 2020-09-05. Recipe of prajituri of Easter florentine 2020. ingrediente Pași for realizarea ei Bacsis Sofie Delauw / Getty Images . contribuie un aliment nutritiv într-o porție alimentară la o dietă zilnică. 2.000 de calorii pe zi sunt utilizate for sfaturi generale despre nutriție Program PASTE Ortodox 2020

Nov 2, 2017 - 5 delicious Easter cake recipes. Ingredients for the countertop: 4 eggs, 10 tablespoons sugar, 12 tablespoons coca cola, 200 g flour, 2 tablespoons cocoa, a sachet of baking powder Ingredients for the cream: 300 ml milk, 5 tablespoons flour, 6 teaspoons vanilla pudding, 5 tablespoons sugar , a packet of butter, a vial of vanilla essence Ingredients for the glaze: 400 ml coca cola, an envelope. Culinary recipes in images from Romanian and International Cuisine. Retete de mancare, retete prajituri de casa, retete aperitive, retete traditionale .Daca pasiunea isi are radacinile in Bucovina si a inceput in copilarie cu prajituri, acum a evadat in lume si continua in multe alte forme

Descopera universul KitchenShop - Tavi si forme pentru prajituri Magazinul pasionatilor de gatit Livrare Rapida Transport GRATUIT la comenzi peste 85 lei Retete Aperitive de Pasti In acest post va prezentam o selectie de Aperitive pentru Pasti, Aperitive Festive ce se preteaza a fi pregatite la orice sarbatoare nu numai de Paste, Craciun sau Revelion.Incercam sa va facem o selectie de aperitive festive ce arata bine si sunt usor de preparat. Musafirii vor fi impresionati de aceste aperitive cu care ii veti surprinde placut

Prajitura pentru Paste cu crema de iaurt si piscoturi. It is a delicious and cool dessert, especially since it does not need to be baked. Un alt avantaj al acestei prajituri pentru Paste este faptul ca poti opta pentru fructele preferate. De asemenea, o poti pregati in functie de numarul invitatilor Ingrediente Crema de ciocolata pentru prajituri 400 g ciocolata cu lapte 300 ml smantana LaDORNA 2 galbenusuri 600 g mascarpone 3 linguri zahar arome - rom, Amaretto, vanilie - optional Mod de preparare Crema de ciocolata pentru prajituri Pune intr-o craticioara smantana, la incalzit, la foc mic. Adu-o la punctul de fierbere dar n-o Prajituri cu ciocolata sau fructe in Cofetaria Armand Bucuresti. Prajituri bazate pe retete cu specific frantuzesc in care incorporam cea mai buna ciocolata belgiana bazata pe celebra reteta cunoscuta Callebaut, frisca naturala si fructe alese cu mare grija si atentie de catre cofetarii nostri

Rețete De Prăjituri Simple Pentru Paște

Am vazut cat de utile sunt colectiile de retete si am pregatit o selectie cu retete de prajituri festive pentru a va usura cautarile .Fie ca vreti o prajitura pentru weekend ,o aniversare sau masa festiva, sper sa gasiti aici o idee pe placul vostru.Am adunat retete de prajituri pe toate gusturile ,delicioase si apetisante,care sa va inspire si sa va fie de folos prajituri paste Vrei sa-ti impresionezi familia si invitatii cu cele mai dragute decoratiuni de Paste pentru gradina si nu stii de unde sa incepi? Ornamentele handmade sunt intotdeauna o idee grozava pentru orice petrecere in aer liber! Iata cateva sugestii pentru impodobirea gradinii pe care le poti realiza singur/a: [..

Postul Mare 2020. Paşte 2020. Reţete de post. Mâncare şi ..

  • de Amalia pe 13 februarie 2020 13 februarie 2020 Dacă aveți obiceiul să ronțăiți între mese tot felul de chestii, vă recomand un tip de snack sănătos preparat cu doar 3 ingrediente. Se face ușor și este foarte bun, mie mi-a plăcut tare mult, pentru că nu este foarte dulce și este sățios
  • Retete de prajituri cu imagini pas cu pas, retete de prajituri de casa, retete de tort, tort cu ciocolata, tort cu fructe, tort cu frisca, torturi festive, retete de briose-muffins, retete de chec, retete de fursecuri, retete de cornulete, retete de biscuiti de casa, retete de torturi, retete de tarta, retete de cheesecake, retete de prajituri care nu dau gres niciodata
  • Prajituri de Paste in decoruri unice Pastele se apropie cu pasi repezi si fiecare dintre noi ne gandim deja la meniul pe care il vom aseza pe masa de sarbatoare, un meniu cu care trebuie sa impresionam in fata invitatilor dar si in fata familiilor noastre
  • Prajitura cu mac si crema de smantana ofera un nou sens conceptului de desert, intrucat imbina intr-un mod inedit ingrediente folosite adesea in mancaruri sarate cu produse dulci si arome specifice prajiturilor. Descopera o reteta interesanta de ceva dulce
  • Toate Retete aperitive Retete conserve Retete cu paste Retete cu peste & fructe de mare Retete de ciorbe si supe Retete de Craciun Retete de Pasti Retete de patiserie Retete de prajituri, dulciuri, torturi Retete dietetice Retete garnituri Retete Gemuri, Dulceturi, Compoturi Retete mancaruri cu carne Retete mancaruri cu legume Retete mic dejun.
  • Aboneaza-te la Garbo sau conecteaza-te prin Facebook pentru a primi periodic articole similare. In lipsa unui acord scris din partea Internet Corp, puteti prelua maxim 500 de caractere din acest articol daca precizati sursa si daca inserati vizibil linkul articolului 5 retete de prajituri pentru Paste

The best Easter cake recipes

Last updated on Apr 17, 2020 Retete de prajituri pentru sarbatori - CRACIUN, PASTE sau ocazii speciale cu care sa iti surprinzi familia si prietenii Play all Shar Asigura-te ca formele pentru care optezi au cat mai multe detalii si reusesc sa pregateasca exact preparatele de care ai nevoie. Cele mai populare forme de prajituri pentru copii sunt cele de: nuci fagure ciupercute ursuleti Dar exista si alte modele tematice pentru Craciun sau Paste. 3. Materialul. Materialul este un alt criteriu extrem de. Retete cu produse bio stucturate pe categorii: ciorbe, aperitive, bauturi, prajituri, salate. Breakfast

Categorie: Prajituri, deserturi, aluaturi dulci. Inghetata de capsuni. Crema de vanilie pentru eclere, choux-a-la-creme, cornete, tarte este o crema fina si aromata care se prepara rapid. Budinca de chia cu capsuni. de Amalia pe 23 mai 2019 28 noiembrie 2019. 18 septembrie 2020 Pentru cremă: 400 grame zahăr, 12 linguri făină, 1,5 l lapte, 250 grame margarină, iar pentru glazură, vom folosi: 200 grame ciocolată amăruie, 200 ml lapte, 2 linguri ulei și, dacă vreți, nucă măcinată. Mixam ouale cu zaharul pana compozitia devine cremoasa. Adaugam uleiul putin cate putin si mixam in continuare

Easter Recipes - What do we cook for Easter? Traditional menu or

Nucita este unul dintre cele mai iubite produse dietetice si pentru diabetici din gama Nutrition Research & Development. Poti comanda produsele noastre atat de pe site-ul Candy Cat - cofetarie online , cat si direct din cofetarie sau telefonic, la 021/648.70.59 sau 0747.020.585 Gaseste sugestii de retete pentru toate perioadele anului, cum ar fi: Retete de Craciun, retete de Paste, retete pentru aniversari si retete pentru toamna: de zacusca, muraturi sau salate cu legume. Vezi retete speciale gratuite pentru toate gospodinele pricepute Toti copiii vor prefera acest desert dintre toate retetele de prajituri pentru Craciun, asa ca ai toate sansele sa le faci pe plac daca o pregatesti! Tort de biscuiti pentru Craciun Cat timp cuptorul va fi ocupat cu friptura de Craciun sau chiar cu sarmalele, in functie de reteta dupa care le pregatesti, profita de moment si pregateste un tort. Comanda prajiturile pentru masa de Paste de la cofetaria Mai Dulce din Baia Mare si uita de o grija din pregatirile pentru marea sarabatoare a Pastelui. Intra in cont 075760557

40 Retete - Prajituri de casa pentru sarbatori - Desert De

Am pregatit pentru astazi o reteta noua si delicioasa de prajitura cu mascarpone si menta verde. Am folosit menta verde de la Kotányi pentru gustul sau racoros si pentru aroma sa distincta. Menta verde poate fi folosita pentru curry, supe (in special cele de fasole, linte, mazare), carne de miel, carne de vitel, peste, crabi, [] Citeste mai. Blogul LAURA SAVA utilizeaza fisiere de tip cookie pentru a personaliza si imbunatati experienta dumneavoastra pe site. Am actualizat politicile pentru a integra in acestea modificarile specificate de Regulamentul (UE) 2016/679 privind protectia persoanelor fizice in ceea ce priveste prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal si privind libera circulatie a acestor date Cum sa faci un iepuras din pandispan - idei de prajituri pentru masa de Paste. Renuntam, dar nu pentru mult timp, la categoria de articole cu idei practice despre amenajatul gradinii si intram pe un taram care ne place. La propriu. Cel al dulciurilor

Sos pentru paste la borcan, pentru iarnă - rețeta de sos

  • Bunătăți pentru Paste. 1.9K likes. Kitchen/Cookin
  • unata Retete cu Paste si Pizza Retete de Torturi si Prajituri Retete Video Concursuri Colaborari Salate cu fructe prajituri de casa..
  • Prajituri Poti comanda de la cofetaria online Candy Cat orice desert ce-ti indulceste ziua, inclusiv cateva prajituri delicioase ! Fie ca iti plac prajiturile cu frisca, prajiturile cu ciocolata, prajiturile cu fructe sau prajiturile cu crema fina, cu siguranta vei gasi ceva pe gustul tau in cofetaria Candy Cat
  • 10.05.2020 - Explore ninastefan56's board prajituri on Pinterest. See more ideas about Prăjituri, Mâncare, Dulciuri
  • prajituri poze paste Pagina 3 din 4. Te-ar mai putea interesa: prajituri de revelion, crema de menta pentru prajituri, prajituri.
  • Zilele trecute am pregatit pentru prima data Bors de fasole cu ciolan afumat la Multicooker 5in1 Digital CrockPot. Stiu, este foarte cald, nu aveti chef sa stati sa gatiti, dar daca aveti un bucatar personal de genul acestui Multicooker 5in

© 2020 Complex Art. Lucrat cu pasiune pentru arta Tester pentru prajituri - Kitchen Craft KitchenShop - Magazinul pasionatilor de gatit Livrare Rapida Transport GRATUIT la comenzi peste 85 lei Cumpara Set de ustensile pentru modelare Fondant si Gum Paste, 10 bucati, Wilton de la eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back

Video: Prajituri de Pasti, Pasca, Cozonaci, Retete cu POZE si

Prajituri de Paste Retete de prajituri de paste

Puteti alege orice umplutura pentru ele, de la dulceata la miezul de nuca sau o crema preferata, dar pe care sa o pregatim foarte repede. Trebuie doar sa apelati la caietul cu retete. Atunci cand preparam un tort in casa, nu reusim de fiecare data sa-i dam forma rotunda pe care ne-o dorim Prajiturele aromate cu portocala, pentru toti doritorii de ceva dulce, rapid si delicios. Ingrediente pentru 6 persoane: Aluat:- 125 g. unt- 125 g. faina- 125 g. zahar- 2 oua Iubim dulciurile, acesta este motivul pentru care dupa fiecare masa ne dorim cate un desert. Incearca prajiturile din retetele de mai jos si ai sa-i uimesti pe toti cei care vor gusta. Tiramisu, negresa, prajituri cu pandispan, tarte cu fructe si multe alte deserturi sunt prezentate cu poze detaliate pentru fiecare pas Va propun aici creme simple si rapide pentru tort sau creme pentru prajituri facute in casa, delicioase si cu ingrediente la indemana. Veti gasi in acesta mica colectie minunata Crema de Vanilie, Crema pentru tort de Ciocolata, Crema pentru tort cu unt, Creme pentru prajituri cu foi - unele clasice, altele mai rapide si interesante Creme pentru tort si prajituri este o colectie de creme pe care le puteti folosi la prepararea prajiturilor si torturilor pentru sarbatori, si nu numai.. Fie ca preferati creme pentru tort si prajituri cu unt, cacao sau mascarpone, le veti gasi in aceasta postare.. Pentru a putea citi o reteta din colectie trebuie sa dati click pe titlu si acesta va va duce la pagina dorita

Despre prajituri de Paste pe Garbo. Articole despre ce se mananca in lume de Paste, dulce de Pasti, tort de Pasti, calatorie gastronomica, deserturi de Paste, retete d Cum se face laptele cu fidea, reteta copilariei. Pasta carbonara, reteta originala, traditionala italiana. Taietei cu varza, de post sau de dulce, reteta ardeleneasca. Paste cu midii-cozze, paste alla marinara, reteta clasica italiana . Daca taiem taiteii mai lati, sunt minunati pentru budinci, de pregatit cu diferite sosuri, legum Utilizăm cookie-uri pentru a vă îmbunătăți experiența pe site-ul nostru. Navigând pe acest site, sunteți de acord cu utilizarea cookie-urilor noastre

INGREDIENTE 400g macaroane (sau alte paste la alegere) 550g branza de vaci 4 oua 200g smantana 100g stafide (optional) o lingura zahar sau sirop de artar (optional sau in functie de preferinte) unt pentru uns vasul ceramic MOD DE PREPARARE Fierbem macaroanele conform instructiunilor de pe ambalaj apoi le scurgem bine Si pentru ca imi plac nucile, si am mereu in casa asa ceva, m-am gandit sa fac. Alaturi de reteta de mousse de mango, vei gasi in Good Food de iunie. Articole din GoodFood scrise de Mihaela Jercan. Daca urmeazi aceasta reteta vei obtine un tort complex, cu aroma puternica de nuca de Ingrediente :230gr de ciocolată ( albă sau neagră după preferinta fiecăruia), 2 ouă, 60gr de unt, 100gr de zahar, 190gr de făină, un varf..

Homemade cookies . 30 cake recipes as in ..

Iepurasi pufosi pentru Paste. 14 April , 2020. 94. 1/2 lingura de zahar,1 lingurita sare,7 grame drojdie uscata sau 25 grame drojdie proaspata, un galbenus de ou pentru uns pe deasupra, 7-8 stafide pentru ochisori. Retete Prajituri. Prăjitură cu mac si nucă de cocos. delicioase-11 October , 2017. 0 Produsele Baneasa - pentru un gust deosebit la tine in bucatarie. prajituri paste Recunoaste ca si tu iubesti mancarea la fel de mult ca si noi, tocmai de aceea, astazi ne-am propus sa-ti dezvaluim un mic secret din bucatoria noastra! Daca vrei sa gatesti cele mai bune si gustoase paste, absolut irezisitbile, alege paste Baneasa

Suport pentru prajituri. Culoare: multicolor. Verifica la Vivre ofertele saptamanii . De livrare ne ocupam noi Denumirea de cupcake a fost folosita pentru prima data in 1828 in cartea de bucate 75 de retete pentru patiserie, dulciuri si dropsuri de Eliza Leslie. Pana ca formele de briose sa fie disponibile la scara larga, prajiturile erau coapte in cupe mici de ceramica sau un cesti (cups), de unde si-au luat si numele de cupcakes (prajituri ceasca) Ingrediente Prajitura cu mere/ 1 tava dimensiune 30×20 cm. Aluat: 200 gr unt, 100 gr zahar, 200 ml apa minerala, 1 ou, 1 lingurita esenta de vanilie sau 3 plicuri[ Ingrediente pentru reteta de paste cu sos alb. Pentru o portie. Prince. Paste cu sos alb. 3 ianuarie 2020 at 22:42 Răspunde. Mult succes, Dorina! Diana. 8 ianuarie 2020 at 23:49 conserve, torturi si prajituri, mancaruri simple si rapide. Am 30 de ani de experienta in domeniul alimentar si o mare pasiune pentru traditiile gastronomice.

Paste - Cofetaria Arman

Pentru reteta de paste de casa colorate natural sau taietei de casa colorati natural folosim aceeasi reteta de taietei de casa: faina, oua si sare.La aceste ingrediente adaugam legume colorate sau diverse condimente colorate, in functie de culoarea pe care vrem sa o obtinem pentru aceste paste FIGURINE COMESTIBILE: 100 LEI ( 60 lei - iepurasul, 40 lei - restul decorului) Pentru compozitiile Bezea, Carrot cake, Emoke, Jamaica, Muntenegru si Silvia, pretul este de 131 lei/kg Tortul poate varia cu +/- 10-15% din gramajul solicita

Produse pentru prajituri: cataloage cu reduceri, oferte si promotii de la magazinele tale favorite. Preturi, produse si reduceri la produse pentru prajituri, 3 mai 2016 'Mega de Paste' Oferta pentru 14 Aprilie - 3 Mai 2016 | Oferta expirata. 04 Jun 2020 Edenred România oferă 20.000 de mese gratuite pentru a susține HoReC 6 iunie 2020 By hapleablog in Prajituri. Ce avem noi în castron? Niște fructe de sezon, Pregătite de-aventură: Pleacă într-o prăjitură! Selectie de prajituri si torturi pentru Paste. 29 aprilie 2013 By hapleablog in EVENIMENT CULINAR. Tort cu cirese Cheesecake cu ciocolata Cheesecake cu sirop de mure Prajitura cu crema de branza.

Retete de Pasti: 10 retete traditionale pentru masa de

  • Retete de Paste Copiii mei prefera pastele la orice alta mancare si culmea este ca le plac retetele de paste simple, cu branza sau sos de rosii. Oricum niste paste de casa bune pot fi combinate cu orice, important sa fie gatite corect si cu pasiune
  • Alice 26 septembrie 2020 Paste si Pizza, retete, Retete cu Sun Food No comments Paste la cuptor cu pui si sos de rosii Imi place sa gatesc paste pentru ca sunt rapid si relativ usor de preparat
  • RETETA DE PRAJITURA SIMPLA CU CIOCOLATA. Ingrediente: 400 g faina, 400 g zahar, 4 linguri de cacao de calitate, 1 praf de sare, 1 lingura de bicarbonat de sodiu, 6 linguri de ulei, esenta de vanilie, 400 ml apa, 1 jumatate de ciocolata mica de menaj, 1 jumatate de lamaie, nuca de cocos
  • Pentru comenzi ferme va rog sa ma contactati la 0744-534478. Ridicarea pachetelor de prajituri se va face in ziua de vineri, data de 03.04.2015, respectiv 10.04.2015 Prajituri paste . Tosca. Cuburi cu cocos. Snickers. Dobos. Albinita. Alba ca zapada. Iulia. Foi napolitane. Cosulete umplute cu ciocolata. Bombe . Snickers. Snickers si Tosca.
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  • Alimentatie pentru fertilitate. Avort spontan. Contraceptie. Despre fertilitate. Cele mai comune cauze ale caderii parului. Pășește încrezătoate într-o nouă etapă din viață, cu Mastrelle Meno. Ai grijă de sănătatea pielii tale. Despre cum alegi o bicicleta fitness care sa te ajute sa slabesti dupa ce ai nascut

Da frau liber imaginatiei si foloseste decoratiuni pentru prajituri, in nuante cat mai vesele. 8.Pentru micul-dejun din ziua de Paste, opteaza pentru decoratiuni si vesela in nuante de verde crud. Surprinde-i pe cei din familie cu un mic buchetel de flori, asezat pe farfurie, si o figurina din panza (poate fi un iepuras sau un pui. Prajituri, torturi, retete vechi de pe vremea bunicilor, retete noi si originale, retete rapide sau dietetice Haiose - o reteta veche, de prajituri traditionale de Craciun. Se fac in aceasta perioada deoarece se folosesc grasime de porc - osanza. Blogul l-am creat din pasiune pentru gatit. Bucataria este spatiul unde ma relaxez, si ii adun laolalta pe cei dragi mie. De asemenea iubesc fotografia si incerc sa transpun asta in pozele care.

Am ales pentru tine produse de cea mai inalta calitate, transportate din Europa in cele mai bune conditii si in cel mai scurt timp, stocate si etichetate in conformitate cu normele Comunitatii Europene Culinary recipes with guaranteed success! Retete de prajituri de casa , prajituri de cofetarie sau prajituri fara coacere.Cele mai bune retete de mancar

Budinca de paste cu branza dulce la cuptor - Prăjiturici

  • Suport pentru prajituri cu picior si capac Xmas. Culoare: rosu. Verifica la Vivre ofertele saptamanii . De livrare ne ocupam noi
  • area acestora pe orice suport (publicații online sau scrise, broșuri, cărți, etc.), în lipsa acordului scris al deținătorului, se vor pedepsi conform legii în vigoare (Legea 8/1996.
  • / Costul pentru 4 portii: 35 Lei Ingrediente: 1 kg de ciuperci, 800 g carne de pui, 300 ml smantană pentru. Ciorbă de potroace 13 August , 201
  • Citeste mai multe despre tipurile de paste si afla tot ce trebuie sa stii despre ele apasand aici. Paste pentru copii cu sos de rosii si carne. Ingrediente: 3 rosii, 500 g de carne (de vita sau de pasare), 1 ceapa, 4-5 catei de usturoi, 100 ml de bulion, sare, piper, boia dulce - dupa gust, paste (penne, spirale) Afla cum prepari paste cu sos de rosii si carne apasand aici

Va invitam sa urmariti mai jos reteta video de paste cu sos alb si legume: Ingrediente: Paste fainoase (penne) 200 g Ulei vegetal 2 linguri Unt gras 30 g Faina 60 g Lapte 480 ml Ceapa 1 buc medie Morcov 1 buc medie Usturoi 1 catel Ardei gras 1 buc (jumatate rosu/galben) Porumb boabe 50 g Sare Piper [ Zece prajituri pentru Craciun: Cozonac la tavă Facebook O reteta gustoasa de Cozonac la tavă din: lapte, drojdie, faina, zahar, sare, oua, unt, cirese, faina si sare. Ingrediente: aluat: 250 ml lapte 1 cub drojdie (42 g) 500 g faina 60 g zahar 1 praf sare 2 oua 50 g unt umplutura: 2 linguri unt [ Tort cu cirese Cheesecake cu ciocolata Cheesecake cu sirop de mure Prajitura cu crema de branza Rulada cu fructe Ciocolata cu lapte condensat Tort diplomat exotic Tort kinder pingui Tort ciocolatos cu crema mascarpone Prajitura cu nuca si crema de ness Related Posts:TORT CIOCOLATOS CU CREMA CARAMELPRAJITURA CU CREMA DIN LAPTE CONDENSAT SI FRUCTE TROPICALEPRAJITURA [ Pentru glazura se amesteca 1 si 1/3 cana zahar cu sucul de lamaie. Se imparte glazura in trei si se coloreaza fiecare cu o culoare. Se foloseste albul pentru stafii, negrul pentru lilieci si galbenul pentru dovleci. Se intinde peste prajituri. Se amesteca restul de zahar cu apa si pudra de cacao

Flavors and Flavors

For the countertop:
12 eggs
12 tablespoons sugar
8 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons cocoa
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
a pinch of salt
For the cream:
500g ciocolata neagra(80% cacao)
500ml frisca lichida La Dorna
150g sugar
esenta de rom
coja rasa de portocala
250g sugar
250ml apa
esenta de rom
500g zahar
250ml apa
3 linguri miere de albine
2 tablespoons cocoa
4 tablete ciocolata neagra
Eu am facut mai intai crema deoarece necesita timp de racire la frigider 2 ore.
Intr-o craticioara se pune ciocolata rupta bucatele(eu am folosit ciocolata neagra cu 80% cacao)se adauga zaharul,coaja rasa de portocala si frisca lichida,se pune la foc mic pana se topeste complet ciocolata.Se pune apoi la frigider pentru 2 ore.(eu am bagat crema la congelator pentru 30 de minute).Se scoate si se bate cu mixerul la viteza mare pana devine o crema spumoasa si tare.
Separate the egg whites from the egg whites in 2 separate bowls.
Galbenusurile se freaca bine cu zaharu,vanilia si un praf de sare,pana isi dubleaza volumul,apoi se adauga faina,cacao si se amesteca bine,apoi se pun albusurile batute spuma tare,amestecand usor de jos in sus.Compozitia se toarna intr-o tava dreptunghiulara si se baga la cuptorul incins la 180gC.pentu 15-20 de minute.Se lasa racit si se taine in 2 pe lungime.
While the top is in the oven, prepare the syrup:
Se face un sirop clasic din zahar lasat sa se caramelizeze,se adauga apa si esenta de rom.Se lasa la racit.
In aceias tava in care am copt blatul se pune prima foaie se insiropeaza se adauga crema,al 2 blat si se insiropeaza.Apoi se mai lasa la frigider pana este gata fondantul.
Pentru fondant:
Intr-o cratita se pune zaharul si apa pe foc sa fiarba pana se leaga un sirop mai gros,se amesteca in el si se uda marginile cratitei ci o pensula cu apa rece sa nu se cristalizeze pe margini.Cand siropul a scazut si este mai gros se adauga mierea si se mai tine pe foc 2-3 minute,se adauga cacao, si patratelele de ciocolata ,se amesteca bine si se lasa putin la raci,sa nu fie foarte fierbinte.Daca se intareste prea tare se mai innmoaie la bainmarin.
Se scate prajitura din frigider si se portioneaza in patrate.Eu am luat fiecare prajitura in parte si am trecut-o prin glazura de ciocolata.Se lasa la racit ,sa se intareasca glazura, iar apoi se orneaza in functie de preferita.
Aceasta reteta am luat-o de la Lory-Ely,Si am adaptat-o in functie de preferinta mea.

Tort Principele Nicolae

  • Countertop ingredients:
  • 75 g migdale
  • 75 g fistic macinat fin
  • 150 g sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 75 g unt moale
  • vanilla extract
  • 1/4 plic praf de copt
  • 5 tablespoons flour
  • 2 tablespoons starch
  • 1/2 lingurita pudra de spirulina (pentru culoare)
  • For syrup:
  • 1 pahar compot de fructe (ananas in cazul meu)
  • For the cream:
  • 150 g unt moale
  • 50 g fistic
  • 50 g almonds
  • 100 g old powder
  • 1 fiola extract de migdale amare
  • 1/2 lingurita pudra de spirulina (pentru culoare)
  • Glaze:
  • 3 linguri crema de whisky
  • 200 g powdered sugar
  • Decor:
  • Fistic prajit tocat

Mod de preparare Tort Principele Nicolae:

1. Migdalele se scufunda in apa clocotita pentru 5 minute, dupa care se scurg si se clatesc cu apa rece. Se decojesc de pelicula maronie protectoare si raman albe. Se usuca in cuptorul caldut, dupa care se macina fin in robotul de bucatarie, sau rasnita de cafea.

2. Se prepara blatul , mixand toate ingredientele pentru blat in robotul de bucatarie (intai lichidele, apoi ingredientele uscate, care se incorporeaza usor).

3. Se unge o forma de tort rotunda cu putin unt, se tapeteaza cu faina, apoi se toarna aluatul si se coace la foc mediu (180 grade), pana trece testul scobitorii, iar la palpare este destul de ferm si elastic (forma mea are 18,8 cm diametru si 8 cm inaltime)

4. Se lasa blatul la racit, dupa care se taie in 2 pe orizontala, obtinand astfel 2 blaturi verzi si frumoase.

5. Se prepara crema din untul moale, zahar, fistic si migdale macinate fin, in care se adauga restul de ingrediente (toate se mixeaza bine cu ajutorul mixerului vertical, sau in robotul de bucatarie).

5. In inelul de tort se fixeaza primul blat, se insiropeaza cu compot de ananas, dupa care se aseaza jumatate din crema.

6. Peste crema se aseaza usor cel de-al doilea blat, se insiropeaza cu compot de ananas si se toarna si restul de crema. Se niveleaza frumos si se da la rece 1 ora, pana se intareste bine.

7. Se prepara glazura, amestecand crema de whisky cu zahar pudra, pana se obtine o compozitie groasa, ca un fondant.

8. Tortul se scoate cu grija din forma si se aseaza pe un gratar, asezat intr-o tava incapatoare, tapetata cu hartie de copt.

9. Se toarna usor glazura pe tort, din centru spre margini, pana cand tortul este imbracat complet in glazura. daca nu se imbraca bine de la inceput, se mai aduna glazura din tava si se toarna inapoi pe tort, pana la glasarea completa a tortului.

10.Se da la rece 1 0ra pana cand glazura se intareste putin, se decoreaza tortul cu fistic tocat mare, dupa care s pastreaza la rece pana in momentul servirii.

Este un tort extraordinr de fin si aromat, cu gust de inghetata si un parfum incredibil!

Si iata si cartea din care am luat reteta: Manual Practic de Cofetarie pentru cofetari si Patiseri”, de Emil Frederic, aparuta in 1928

Video: Πως να καραμελώσεις φουντούκια σαν αρχάριος! - Caramelized Hazelnuts